Same Same Events

Every month Same Same throws the biggest warm up parties in Koh Phangan in the week leading up to the Full Moon Party. Same Same attracts backpackers from all over the world and the place fills up with young party people every night up to the full moon. Different buffets and theme parties such as Beer Pong Competition, Body Paint Contest, Quiz Nights, Drinking Games etc. make the crowds come back for more.

The Full Moon Nights is legendary in Same Same with International Buffet, Free Body paint, Live concert with the famous Rock Band Black Rose. You’ll find yourself surrounded by hundreds of backpackers in neon full moon outfit, body painted dancing on the tables. This party is for most people the memorable part of the whole full moon night. Therefore our slogan; You haven’t been to Full Moon if you haven’t been to Same Same first.

At the end of the Year Same Same turns into an inferno of decorations, lights, parties and people gathering to celebrate Christmas and New Years abroad. All the details will be posted here in the end of November.

Future Same Same Events

may, 2022

No Events

Main Events Of The Year

24th of December: Scandinavian Christmas Dinner & Party
25th of December: English Christmas Lunch & Full Moon Warm Up
31st of December: Same Same Gala Dinner & Count Down Party

Halfmoon Festival Dates

October – 6th & 21st
November – Closed For Renovations
December – 3rd & 19th

2020 Festival Dates
January –  3rd & 17th
February – 1st & 14th
March – 1st, 16th & 31st
April – 12th & 29th
May – 14th & 29th
June – 13th & 27th

Upcoming Full Moon Dates

October – Monday 14th 
November – Monday 11th 
December – Wednesday 11th 

Full Moon 2020

January – Thursday 9th
February – Sunday 9th
March – Sunday 8th
April – Tuesday 7th
May – Thursday 7th
June – Friday 5th
July – Tuesday 7th
August – Tuesday 4th
September – Wednesday 2nd
October – Saturday 3rd
October – Saturday 31st
November – Monday 30th
December – Tuesday 29th